Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vince Finally Has A Story!

And George, Gina, and Garrick finally have last names. LOL

It wasn't until I was rereading Meeting A Neighbor's Needs and A Neighbor's Ultimatum, that I realized I had completely ignored giving any of my characters a last name. Not that it was really all that important. The threesome and friends didn't need last names to burn up the sheets and explore all kinds of kinky fun.

But this time, I needed last names. For Vince's story -- if you read ANU (A Neighbor's Ultimatum) you may recall he was the friend who helped Gina decide what to do with her husbands -- I couldn't continue calling him just Vince. And the same went for the three Gs (George, Gina, and Garrick).

My heroine for Vince though, is a regular mixed bag of tricks. Triss Long loves sex -- but only on the pages of her novels. She's a spunky erotic romance writer who **gasp** has never had sex! But Vince is more than happy to change all that.

And so much more.

This book, even if it's only 32,290 words and 112 pages long is a big road marker for me.

It's the first book I have completed, start to finish, in a year. Actually in over a year. In the last nine months, since completing the final draft and most of the edits on Rite of First Claim, my writing well has been empty. Without water or inspiration.

I've had ideas, but nothing panned out. Now, I feel like a success again. I feel energized and ready to take on another project.

Maybe something.... paranormal?

All that matters is THE END has been typed and I'm ready to turn the page to something new. (At least until the edits arrive. LOL **insert smiley face here!!**)

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