Thursday, September 29, 2011

Made it to Atlanta

In one piece. Good thing I flew or I'd still be looking for the hotel. LOL.

This weekend I'm attending my second Moonlight & Magnolias conference hosted by the Georgia Romance Writers. It should be fun. Don't have the roommate I had last year, and Marcia Collete couldn't make it either, but I'll weather through.

I have no camera, so pictures are not an option, but I'm writing....writing, writing, writing.

Have a great night!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Places I'll Be

So, it looks like October is going to be a very busy month for me. And the end of September as well. 

Currently, I'm working through the revisions on a romantic suspense manuscript that has been gathering dust for about 6 years. Although it finaled in American Title V a few years ago, it seems my serial killer is just a bit too much from some publishers because he includes children as his victims. I don't have him kill any kids "on stage" but it is, this is going to be self-published. I even have the coolest cover for the book.
coming soon

Isn't it great!? Lindsay Breen did the cover and I'm really liking it.

Anyway, I hope to have it finished with edits and ready for publication by late October. 

Another book I'm working on, which I'm sure fans of the Diablo Blanco Club will enjoy hearing, is Richard and Becka's story. The title for it is: Rogue Master. Ohh, gives me shivers. And my oh my, Richard is sooo not what you think. I've finally figured out the blurb for it (you know that bit on the back of the cover). Check it out:

Richard Bennett has spent his life working toward one goal -- killing the man who murdered his parents. He's mastered the art of Domination, but his only chance to exact his revenge is about to slip through his fingers because he needs the one thing he's never owned before.

A sexual slave.

When the last woman he'd ever expected to see is left handcuffed to his bed, he's determined to use her to his advantage. Making her into the perfect submissive will gain him access to the man he's after, but place her squarely in the line of fire should his mission go awry.

He's thought of every contingency, but he never factored an unknown enemy or an unexpected possessiveness into his plans.

Now he has to choose between the life of the woman he loves or the man he's sworn to kill.

Does that sound cool or what? Please tell me what you think of it.

Of course, I will be around the web, on Facebook and at the Kinky Ever After blog, as well as Midnight Seductions Authors. But tomorrow, September 23rd, I'm guest blogging at Romance Books R Us. Seems Triss Long, my erotica author from Teach Me, Master, wanted to have a discussion about her books. Check it out and feel free to comment -- I'll try to respond by Friday evening, but I'll be in Greensboro, NC attending the Writer's Police Academy at Guilford Community College. I had so much fun last year, I had to do it again!

That's where the wild schedule comes in. I'll be in Greensboro until Sunday morning. Then the following weekend, I fly down to Atlanta for the Georgia Romance Writer's Moonlight and Magnolias conference. The weekend after that, Cherry Adair will be in Raleigh, NC presenting an all day workshop at the Sheraton on Page Rd, hosted by the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. I'll get two whole weekends home before I'm off to Seattle at the end of October to attend the Greater Seattle Romance Writers' Emerald City Conference.

So, you can see I have a busy month and a half ahead of me. Plus I have my goal of getting In A Lover's Silence completed, as well as Rogue Master, the second in my Construction Zone erotica series done, and start work on my YA time-travel Through the Dollhouse.

If you happen to be attending any of these conferences please feel free to say hi! I like talking with readers and authors about writing and books (not just my own, I assure you)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So I'm Trying Something New


Triss and Vince's Story
I know, I know. Erotica is just about the sex, but a few months back I posted that I had some characters who only wanted sex, they weren't ready for a relationship. So, when Triss Long, my heroine from Teach Me, Master turned out to be an erotica author, I thought, "Well, isn't that interesting..."

Now, not only do I have Triss and Vince's story on sale at Amazon and B&N,
Chelsea's Story
 but I've got Triss's story about Chelsea up there too. And boy does Chelsea love the construction workers around her apartment. There's more in store for this character. Construction Zone: Charlie is just the first in a group of short stories connected to Chelsea or the construction company renovating/rebuilding the apartment complex where Chelsea lives.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the new story. I'm still trying to get work done on my Diablo Blanco Club series as well as get the romantic suspense and young adult novel I'm working on written, but sometimes other characters get distracting. Which means I have to get them out of the way, before I can move on to something else.

Another note, I happen to be very proud of the cover of Chelsea's book--I did it myself.