Monday, April 9, 2012

Tuesday Teaser Postponed for the Sunshine Award

Today's Tuesday Teaser has been rescheduled for Friday. I'm going to call it my Friday Flirtation. Instead I have something fun to share.

I've received the Sunshine Award from friend and fellow author, Jianne Carlo. This fun award requires I reveal ten things not many people know about me, so be prepared, the baton will be passed to ten of my blogger friends.

Here are the rules: You have to tell you ten things about you that most people don’t know or wouldn’t expect and then tag 10 more people to do the same. I'm a big mouth, so there's very little about me that others don't already know, so, just like Jianne, it took me a while to come up with ten.

 1) Most people know I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, under the flight path of the Thunderbirds (the Air Force's Air Demonstration Squadron), but what most don't know was that when I was ten or eleven, my older brother and younger sister and I found unexploded ordinances in the desert near our home and my dad had to call the base to come collect them. It was a good thing my brother talked me and my sister out of taking it home to play with it. LOL

 2) In my late teens, I often stripped out of my clothes to dress in a bathing suit in full view of other drivers on the road to Lake Mead or Lake Havasu. Guess I wasn't shy then...

 3) In sixth grade when I shattered the bone behind the second knuckle of my left pinky finger it was set by the doctor without anesthesia, not because I was that brave, but because I'm terrified of needles!

 4) Hmm, considering #3, I guess it's now apparent this isn't a secret...I'm horribly needle-phobic...can't stand them I cringe at the sight of them. It takes me days to work up the courage just to get blood drawn for physicals. ICK!

 5) I am addicted to documentary television (History channel, ID Discovery channel, Biography channel, Forensic Files, Notorious, etc.) I can spend days watching the various true crime programs and the ideas I get from them are frightening. *WEG*

 6) I have two tattoos

 7) I actually have a picture of a ghost taken when I visited a plantation in North Carolina. (Yes, I believe in ghosts and reincarnation...and lots of other things)

 8) The first book I sold was actually finished on the day the editor asked for the full manuscript (I don't recommend authors do this...I've gotten better about finishing the books before I submit them.)

 9) Twice I've given away nearly an entire apartment full of furniture when I moved (When I left Alaska and then again when I left Montana.)

10) I have been known to watch a movie more than ten times in a movie theater as well as that many times or more when the movie is released on DVD--you might say I can be obsessive about films.

And now:

Here are the 10 people I'm passing the Sunshine Award on to!

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