Friday, August 24, 2012

Food Fun Friday: Revisiting Mango-Peach-Serrano Pepper Jam

Serrano Peppers
Last Food Fun Friday I posted my first recipe for mango-peach-jalapeno jam. Today I'm revisiting that recipe only this time I'm using Serrano peppers (their BTU rating is higher than a jalapeno). The mangoes aren't ones I cut, but already sliced mangoes I bought at the store. Same with the peaches, but I'm hoping the flavor is going to be good.

Here's the recipe again:

2 mangoes (peeled, pitted, and cut into chunks)
2-4 peaches (peeled, pitted, and cut into chunks)
3 Serrano peppers (diced--seeds left in)
2 Tbs powdered pectin
1/4 c peach or mango juice or water
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1 Tbs Truvia (you can use 1/4 c sugar or honey if you prefer)

mangoes and peaches
I cut the chunks of mango and peaches and put them into a bowl.

mangoes, peaches, and peppers
Then I cut the Serrano peppers and added them to the fruit. I mashed the fruit...or I tried, but many of the mango chunks weren't very soft.

blended fruit mixed with the
mango, peach, and pepper chunks

So, I put about half of the semi-mashed fruit and peppers into a blender and blended it until it had the consistency of a slushie/smoothie, then poured it back into the rest of the mix.

The brown powder is cinnamon
the red is the cayenne
I left the mixture to rest for several hours then sprinkled and stirred in the cinnamon and cayenne before taking the next steps to make the jam.

jars and caps in boiling water
In a stock pot, heat water to a steady boil, enough to cover the top of the jelly jars an inch or two. You can sterilize the jelly jars and lids by boiling them in the water or you can wash them in a dishwasher and let them go through the dry cycle before you use them.

mango-peach-pepper mixture

Using a medium sized saucepan, heat the fruit-pepper mixture on medium heat, stirring occasionally until it comes to a boil. Let it remain at a steady boil for three minutes, stirring constantly then remove from heat.

pectin and juice at a boil
pectin, peach juice, and
Truvia (sweetener)
In a second larger saucepan on medium heat, mix the powdered pectin and peach juice (or water), stirring occasionally until it comes to a rolling boil and it can't be stirred down.

Once it's at a steady boil, add the fruit-pepper mix to it and bring the mixture back to a boil. Add the sweetener (I use Truvia) but you can use sugar or honey, and bring the jam back to a boil. Stir to keep the jam from sticking to the bottom of the pan and let the jam stay on a steady, rolling boil for three minutes.

remember to let it boil for
3 minutes after adding the sweetener

leave 1/2 inch space between
the jar top and the jam
make sure the water comes
over the top of the jars
After the three minutes, turn off the heat and ladle the jam into the jelly jars. Leave about half an inch of headspace. Finger tighten the lid and set the jars in the waterbath (stock pot of water) and boil for five minutes.

Remove the jars from the water and set them on the counter (I would recommend placing the jars on a dishtowel just to be safe.) Let the jam cool and listen for the lids to "pop" to confirm the jars have sealed. The jam should set overnight (either in the refrigerator or on the counter).
this batch made almost 32 ounces of jam
Hope you enjoy!!


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