Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tarot Tuesday: Seven of Swords

Welcome back to Tarot Tuesday.

This is repetitious, but I want to stress again, I am not an expert in the Tarot and I use them for myself and friends (and my characters) to help answer questions about situations and the future.

Today's Card:
Seven of Swords

Sevens represent change and swords are associated with mental compatibility thinking, intellect, and conflict.
Meaning (Upright):

The path is temporarily full of troubles and problems; problems in relationships; a feeling of being cheated; wanting new experiences, but gaining them dishonestly. WARNING! possible accident or breakdown; plans may not work out; sheer bad luck; one thing after another goes wrong.
Meaning (Reversed):
No victory with problems; stagnancy; jealousy of others' success; no faith or trust in self; unhappy relationship that seems permanent; self destructive tendencies; listen for possible help or advice being offered; not all that bad; something of yours will be returned; don't let pride stand in the way.

Dragon Tarot Deck created and illustrated by Peter Pracownik
Published by US Games, Inc

The Lovers Tarot Deck Designed by Jane Lyle
Published by Thomas Dunne Books

Steampunk Tarot Deck Designed by Barbara Moore,
Illustrated by Aly Fell, Published by Llewellyn Worldwide 2012

If the seven of swords appears in a reading it could indicate that the path ahead of you is going to have problems temporarily. Be careful of the temptation to gain experience through dishonest means. The chances your plans will not work out is high and you should be careful, because the potential for a breakdown or accident is there. The seven of swords is a warning card for you. You should pay attention at this time and make sure any plans you have you've gone through all the details carefully and know where a hitch might arise.

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