Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tarot Tuesdays: Justice (XI)

Okay, so I decided to make Tarot Tuesday a weekly thing instead of a bi-weekly thing.

Here comes the disclaimer: I have to stress, I am not an expert in the Tarot and I use them for myself and friends (and my characters) to help answer questions about situations and the future.

Today's Card:
Justice (XI)

This card is the twelfth card in the Major Arcana (The Fool (0) is unnumbered and messes it all up. LOL) Anyway, the Justice card is often symbolized by the scales.
Think of this card as and indication of balance (or unbalance) in a situation.

Meaning (Upright):
Someone has made a fair and honest decision; don't be influenced by persuasion; learn by past experiences to do what you feel is best; right decision has been made; balance; wanting justice in business or personal matters; unfair treatment causes resentment and frustration; old Karma removed by kindness and caring.

Meaning (Reversed):
injustice; possible loss; feeling inadequate and unable to change the situation; cannot change the fact that someone has taken advantage of you; stop worrying and focus energy on something new; accept this Karmic lesson and go your own way; imbalance; legal complications; uncompromising attitudes are all around you; may fail due to overconfidence; lack of balance due to unfair practices.

Dragon Tarot Deck created and illustrated by Peter Pracownik
Published by US Games, Inc

The Lovers Tarot Deck designed by Jane Lyle
Published by Thomas Dunne Books

Steampunk Tarot Deck Designed by Barbara Moore,
Illustrated by Aly Fell, Published by Llewellyn Worldwide 2012
If you receive the Justice (XI) card in a reading, it means no matter how much you might want things to be different, the situation isn't going to change. This applies to the question you're asking. Something -- the powers that be -- has looked at the situation and decided its good as-is. Best bet, learn from the experience and apply it when necessary. Pay attention to your own actions and make sure you're acting honestly with those around you.

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  1. I have about a dozen different tarot decks I've collected over the years because I like the artwork. I'm really liking the look of that steampunk deck...I'm going to buy one :)

    1. I love the artwork on it too, I only have 5 decks so far, but I'm going to try to put up pictures from my Native American and Art Nouveau decks.

  2. My favorite for artwork is the Sensual Wicca deck. But the funniest one I have is Tarot for Cats...it's only the major arcana but the accompanying book is written for cats. e.g. one of the meanings of The Magician is: "This is a time for action. Expect things to happen! Practice your fishing skills in the aquarium while your human is away, and devour any incriminating evidence." :)

    1. LOL! I love that, I'm going to have to look for those decks...