Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tarot Tuesday: Nine of Wands (R)

Today's Card:
Nine of Wands (R)

Nines usually represent a new path--preparing for the next challenge ahead
Wands represent enterprise, distinction; social activities

Meaning (Upright):

a new environment or friends; last stand in which you will succeed; take time to reflect on your thoughts; focus is on unending foes and constant attacks--which you may be drawing to you; wisdom in work and social life; fair dealing and ability to protect relationships and business; using, intelligence and overcoming competition; use discretion in pending ventures; ability to persevere

Meaning (Reversed):

Someone from your past will visit or communicate with you; unwise activities in work and social settings; potential for abuse from outside influences in both business and relationships; lack of confidence in creative abilities; unstable personality and little success; not applying yourself; no initiative; being unprepared can leave you vulnerable; displaying weakness; you need to fight for what you believe is right.

Dragon Tarot Deck created and illustrated by Peter Pracownik
Published by US Games, Inc

The Lovers Tarot Deck Designed by Jane Lyle
Published by Thomas Dunne Books

Steampunk Tarot Deck Designed by Barbara Moore,
illustrated by Aly Fell, Published by Llewellyn Worldwide 2012

If you get the Nine of Wands (R) in a reading...
If you get the nine of wands reversed in a reading, batten down the hatches and prepare for the storm. Things are going to get worse before they get better and any sign of weakness on your part will only prolong the negative situation.
Someone from your past may resurface. This card can be an indication that you need to start building initiative; begin to plan or you'll never have success.

Extra information:
Three nines in a reading can represent a great deal of communication or correspondence going on at this time
Four nines in a reading represent the potential that you will have to take on more responsibilities

Here's the disclaimer: I have to stress, I am not an expert in the Tarot and I use them for myself and friends (and my characters) to help answer questions about situations and the future.

Enjoy and have a great day,

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