Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tarot Tuesday: Six of Cups

Today's Card:
Six of Cups

Sixes are often associated with communication, problem-solving; decision-making
Cups represent love and relationships (in a regular deck of cards, cups equate to hearts)

Meaning (Upright):

Happy memories; intelligent choices in love; tempted to live in the past; return of a friend or lover from the past; wanting new love or marriage; gift from a loved one; decision about love or marriage; emotional decision chance to relocate or a new job may be imminent

Meaning (Reversed):

Indecision creates emotional drain that could be associated with lover or marriage; being irresponsible in a relationship; loss of a loved one; possible separation or divorce; stress may cause illness; no harmony or growth; disappointment in love or with family member; delays in rewards; someone else may get credit for your work; a trip may be postponed; live in the now--not the past; must get out of a difficult or smothering relationship

Dragon Tarot Deck created and illustrated by Peter Pracownik
Published by US Games, Inc

The Lovers Tarot Deck Designed by Jane Lyle
Published by Thomas Dunne Books

Steampunk Tarot Deck Designed by Barbara Moore,
Illustrated by Aly Fell, Published by Llewellyn Worldwide 2012

If you get the Six of Cups in a reading...
If you have a six of cups show up in your reading, pay attention to the decision before you. Don't live in the past, but appreciate the memories of happiness and happier times.
A friend or lover from your past may appear. There's also the possibility of a new job or moving.

If three sixes show up in a reading there is a lot of confusion surrounding you.
If four sixes show up in a reading, you need to get your life straightened out because four sixes indicate disaster on the horizon.

Here's the disclaimer: I have to stress, I am not an expert in the Tarot and I use them for myself and friends (and my characters) to help answer questions about situations and the future. 

Enjoy and have a great day,

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