Friday, December 21, 2012

A Reading...If We're Still Around

So, according to the Mayans, we're supposed to be gone by the time this blog posts. If we're still around at 6 AM EST today, then you'll be able to read this post and the message I received from my tarot cards.

If you've been reading my blog on Tuesdays, you'll know that I've been discussing the meanings of tarot cards. Since next Tuesday is Christmas and today is the winter solstice (not to mention THE day), I figured I'd do a general reading for myself today.

I used the standard Celtic Cross spread and allowed the deck to choose the signifier for me. In the Celtic Cross, each of the ten cards' positions have a specific meaning. The card in each position gives you insight into the message being transmitted. By adding a signifier, a card that represents me at that moment in time, I draw eleven cards for the reading.

The design of the spread is easily found on the web, but I've included a description here:

The Signifier (S) is laid down first
Over it is laid Card 1 of the spread and it identifies what covers (environment)
Card 2 identifies what crosses (challenges)
Card 3 identifies the basis of the situation (basis/problem)
Card 4 identifies what is behind or in the process of leaving (past)
Card 5 identifies what crowns or could come into being (present)
Card 6 identifies what will happen (future)
Card 7 identifies the subjects negative feelings about the situation (fears)
Card 8 identifies how others or the subject sees herself (self)
Card 9 identifies the subjects positive feelings about the situation (wishes)
Card 10 identifies the answer to the question being asked (outcome)

This is what the spread looked like:
The 11-card Celtic Cross spread

The cards give information individually as well as collectively. So, here we go.

Signifier: Queen of Cups
Card   1: 4 of Wands
Card   2: Nine of Cups (Reversed)--for those of you who may be thinking I'm reading this card wrong, I lay my challenge card with the upside facing to the right rather than the traditional way of facing to the left
Card   3: Strength VIII (Reversed)
Card   4: King of Swords (Reversed)
Card   5: 7 of Swords
Card   6: Ace of Wands (Reversed)
Card   7: 6 of Swords (Reversed)
Card   8: 4 of Swords
Card   9: King of Coins (Reversed)
Card 10: The Hermit IX

And this means?

The reading in a nutshell:
Since this is a general reading with no specific question being asked, the information passed on is giving me an idea of what I should direct my attention toward.

What the cards are telling me is: I have a lot of conflict going on around me. The bad part is, there's a lot of problems I'm going to have to wade through and have been wading through, but the good part is, I've recognized these problems and I'm taking steps to correct them. I have to focus on learning how to take control and use the strength within me to find the answers to my questions and problems. I need to sit down and face things realistically. The Nine of Cups (R) means my challenge right now is that my wish won't come true right now at least not in the way I've thought it should. That doesn't mean it will never come true. What's interesting to me is how many of the cards represent needing to plan carefully. To look at a situation and make sure you really understand it.

So, it looks like the cycle ahead of me is going to be an interesting one. I'll have to approach it with new eyes and a different perspective if I'm going to overcome the negative things that have been happening and may happen if I don't learn this lesson.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Winter Solstice and a very Merry Christmas.

I'll be back with a new card on the 31st!


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