Sunday, September 29, 2013

So Many Changes and Not All of Them Good...

...But it's getting better all the time!

If you haven't seen or heard by now, I had to cut off my website, more for financial reasons than anything else. Good news is, the blog is still going strong...despite my having neglected it for the last couple of months **winces at the abundance of dead plant leaves strewn across the floor** Sorry about that. 

Anyway, tomorrow, September 30th, kicks off my very first Virtual Books tour. Every Monday between now and December 16th, I'll be hosted at twelve different sites talking about my Diablo Blanco Club series. At the end of the tour there will be a drawing for four great prizes. 

The grand prize is a Diablo Blanco Club messenger bag filled with e-copies of the first four books in the series: Unfair Advantage, Under Control, Rite of First Claim, and Santa's Elf; a few pens, some DBC post it notes, and a key chain wallet. I"ll also be giving away three Amazon Gift Certificates--one each for $20, $15, and $10 and there are multiple ways to enter both here and on the other blogs.

On Monday mornings, I'll post the links to that day's blog host so you can leave a comment or ask a question to be entered for the prizes. Then swing back by here on Wednesday for a recap of the event and get another entry with another question or thoughtful comment.

Wish me luck with this,'s my first time. 

Have a great week! I intend to!

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