Saturday, July 9, 2016

Making Writing A Habit I Can't Kick - Day 1 - Reflection

It's just now 11:06 pm and here's the results of today's Make Writing A Habit I Can't Stop blog challenge:

1. How much did I write?
652 words (although admittedly some of it was notes.)

Word count for the day and how long did it take I?
Total word count is the 652 and it took about 30 minutes.

2. What is the current word count of my Work In Progress (WIP)?
288 words (although the other 364 are notes directly associated with the story.)

3. How do I feel about what/how I did today in the writing session?
I have to admit, I'm not overly impressed by what I did. Not sure if any of it will be kept, but it's a good start and gives me something to work from when I get started tomorrow.
As for how I did, again, not overly impressed because I found quite a few excuses not to write...which isn't a good thing when you consider I'm supposed to be developing discipline.

4. Compare/Contrast today's session to yesterdays.
Nothing to compare or contrast yet, since today was the first day. Will see what happens tomorrow.

Was it easier/harder?
NA -- It was hard because I wasn't sure where to start or what to write. I don't feel like I've made any progress, yet I've identified a few little things for myself that I think will help with tomorrow.
Those things include:
Pre-writing organization
Drafting a rough outline
Identifying turning points and key scene goals and themes
Write out background for Rick to immerse myself in who and what he is.
Expand on villains' backgrounds to immerse myself in who and what they are and the goals driving them and how those goals are impacted/thwarted by Rick and Becka.
Write out background on secondary characters to better understand where they fit into the situation involving the villains and Rick and Becka.

Did I enjoy it?
No, I actually didn't enjoy it because it felt a little forced. I don't feel like the scene is going to be used, but at the same time, it gives me a jumping off point and that's the most important thing.

5. What am I looking forward to in tomorrow's session?
I think I'm looking forward to doing more prep work on the story. I want to try to set up my turning points and sketch a rough outline to a few necessary scenes so all I have to do is create the structure of the story, then fill in the holes. (See notes under question #4.)

My favorite line:
Not much written so I don't really have any true favorite lines... Guess I'd have to say it's:
The aged single malt had gone down smooth, yet it didn’t still the beast growling at its fetters every time his gaze paused on a specific brunette.

Until tomorrow.
Day 1 of challenge - met and completed!!


  1. Okay, finally, I'm able to sit down and comment on today's reflections...
    Hooray, you met the goal! Hooray, you wrote! Hooray, you weren't hard on yourself and you did shove your inner perfectionist into the closet after beating her into submission with the business end of a broom... oh wait, that hasn't happened yet.
    But it will. I know it's coming. (Better be. Or. Else.)
    But i know it's coming once you've had a chance to recall that writing doesn't require perfectionism--editing does. You can't edit a blank page. And if that phrase doesn't do the trick, try this... give your inner perfectionist exactly what she wants. Give her crap. Inundate her with crappy words on the page, then make her read them. Then when she says, oh hey wait this isn't so crappy, interrupt her with, what that's not crappy enough for you? Fine I can do worse. Then type more words sand give her a TRUCK load of crappy words... kill the perfectionist with kindness and gifts. After all, generosity and kindness are what make the world go round.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. After today's writing, I know the inner editor is going to stay quiet because I'm having too much flippin' fun!
      Ready for day 3?