Monday, July 11, 2016

Making Writing A Habit I Can't Kick - Day 3 - Reflection

1. How much did I write?

Word count for the day and how long did it take me?
Word count for today is 1,539 (not including the updated page on my blog).
It took close to 2 hours, I wasn't really paying attention to time.

2. What is the current word count of my Work In Progress (WIP)?

3. How do I feel about what/how I did today in the writing session?
It's been a very interesting day. I'm very happy with the progress I made. To be honest I didn't think I'd get nearly as much as I did. I actually avoided writing for as long as possible today, but after an edifying discussion with Claire J. Monroe, things started to click. (I'll probably write a blog post about the discussion once I've processed through it and written up some notes.)

4. Compare/Contrast today's session to yesterdays.
Was it easier/harder?
It was harder today than yesterday. It may be because I ended up doing another 648 words last night before midnight and a part of my brain tried to rationalize that "Hey, that's another writing session. So what if it wasn't AFTER midnight. It meets the criteria set forth of a writing session over 20 minutes long. I should use it."
But I didn't. It wasn't right to consider it a writing session for today.
Another reason it was harder was because I kept convincing myself to put other things ahead of the writing. That's where the discussion with CJM comes in. She walked me through some stuff and made me see the underlying cause for my avoidance, and she also identified what the true purpose of this challenge is about.
In some areas I am very disciplined, but with writing I am definitely not. That's why I need to develop the discipline necessary to make sure my writing career can be a long-lived one. 

Did I enjoy it?
I have to say yes and no, with the emphasis leaning toward the "no" more than the yes. After I got into the actual writing components of the story, I had fun. Again it was the freedom to simply transcribe what the character tells me and move on. Considering I said "No", it may be construed that I don't like letting the characters take command.
I've read enough articles, books, and pamphlets to know that just about all the advice given to writers is to take control. To direct your characters where you want them to go. To force them into situations so they have to grow and change.
All well and good, but so not organic. And I'm talking "organic" to the characters, the setting, the story itself.
After the talk with CJM, I knew what I needed to do. I simply held off doing it for about 4 or 5 hours.
Yet, when it all came down to it, I got it done. And I got it done spectacularly.

5. What am I looking forward to in tomorrow's session?
Tomorrow's session is looking better and better because I should be able to finish up the rough outline of notes for the book which will allow me to skim through the story and begin filling in the blanks. It's good to have a plan and some organization established before I get into the straight writing bit. 
It's like I've prepped the playground with all the toys and tricks and treats I could and now I'm letting myself loose on the park. To have fun!
It's going to be fun, and it's going to be interesting, and while it's going to give me the words I need for the story, it's also going to give me something even better.

My favorite line from today's writing:
He didn’t dare trust a word out of the son of a bitch, but he needed answers. 

Until tomorrow and the next session of writing to get done. Have a great night!!


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