Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Making Writing A Habit I Can't Kick - Day 4 - Reflection

I'm getting today's post done a little earlier than usual. And I actually completed my work before 2pm. Even better than that, I was actually able to finish the rough outline for the book and printed the pages out so I could begin working through my notes to flesh out the components for the different scenes.
Biggest issue I'm facing right now is, getting rid of the bloody migraine that's trying to burrow it's way behind my forehead because of the wonderful storm system moving through the area.

1. How much did I write?
3,649 (although about 1,200 of that may be duplicated due to the notes)

Word count for the day and how long did it take me?
Taking away the 1,200 for structure, I was able to get a total of 2,449 words added to the book today.
I didn't really pay attention to time, but I know the majority of the work was done in nearly 2 hours.

2. What is the current word count of my Work In Progress (WIP)?
Current word count for Rogue Master is 8,148. And yes, this is the 7th version of this particular book, but it'll be the last version.

3. How do I feel about what/how I did today in the writing session?
I'm actually rather proud of myself today. I was up very late, as can be seen by my just before midnight posting for Day 3 of the Writing Challenge, so I slept in. I was up and parked on my sofa by 10:30 and deep into writing the notes by 11am.
I didn't turn on the TV or open my email at all. It's like, after the discussion with Claire on Sunday night or Monday night, I realized what the purpose of this challenge is all about and I made sure to focus on that. Not just the writing, but keeping myself from being distracted. On remaining disciplined.
And it wasn't like I hadn't turned on my internet. I did. I didn't take the easy way out. I knew I could turn on my email at any time. I knew I could turn on Netflix or Amazon Prime and watch any of the shows I want to. I even received multiple notifications of Facebook notifications and posts, yet I ignored them all in order to do the one thing I want most of all...to write.
I'm not saying everything I put down on the page is golden or that it'll last past the first ugly draft, but it's a beginning. Like Claire mentioned in a post on my Facebook page (or maybe it was on Twitter or a comment on my blog) "You can't edit nothing. You can't edit a blank page."
Well, now I don't have a blank page. I don't have "nothing". 
My inner editor will remain on vacation -- forcibly bound and gagged and stuffed in a closet with the door chained and nailed shut until the ugly draft is done. She'll remain there until I send it off to my CP. After she bleeds all over it, then my inner editor can come out and play.
How do I feel about today's writing session? Fucking awesome!

4. Compare/Contrast today's session to yesterdays.
Was it easier/harder?
It was actually easier today than it was yesterday. I don't know if it was because I got up and immediately moved into writing, or if it was because I simply felt focused on a goal for the day's writing, but in comparison to yesterday and the dilly-dallying avoidance crap, it was nice to get up and get started immediately.
Even better is to know that I have a plan for this evening. To go through my notes and add to them, sketch out what needs to happen and walk through the scenes. I like to hand write my notes and then transcribe them because the handwritten stuff is the kick off. I type much faster than I write, so the handwriting is just a means to priming the pump.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, I did enjoy it. Bits and pieces are falling into place and with every section I moved through. It was great to realize that I had snippits of scenes already building in my head. Even better was to recognize how much faster things fall into place when you have the structure in place. The story makes more sense. The characters make more sense. All I need to do is get out of their way.

5. What am I looking forward to in tomorrow's session?
I want to see if I can sustain this momentum. Claire and I have already discussed upping the ante on this little challenge beginning in Week 2. Week 1 is all about establishing the baseline. 

My favorite line from today's writing:
“You don’t touch what’s mine.”

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