Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 7 Writing Challenge Analysis

It has been a long, hard week. I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped on the edits, but that's primarily because I was trying to play catch-up and get organized for the new school year. Yes, the day job does interfere on occasion.

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Which means, I have to reevaluate my time commitment during the week and make up for it on the weekends. Looking at everything I have to do, and the after school club I manage, the three hours a day is not feasible at this time. Nor is adding another hour a day for plotting/outlining new stories.

And this isn't a permanent thing, it will change as the year progresses and I get more things under control and can free up my evenings for what I love doing...writing.

I'm still very proud of myself and all I've figured out about my new writing method. I also like that I've done a phenomenal job remaining positive and objective when it comes to how I look at how I've handled this writing challenge.

I wish I could make the really cool charts that Claire Jane used for her updates (and I'll be contacting her about them soon), I'm just going to toss the information out there for you...

Time spent on edits and writing in Week 7 was 785 minutes (13 hours and 5 minutes) which was 700 minutes (11 hours and 40 minutes) less than time spent in Week 6.

All new words were exclusively written for my blog (a total of 3,274 words in 3 hours 45 minutes), and only 41 pages of the manuscript were edited in the week.

If this had been the beginning of the Making Writing A Habit I Can't Kick challenge, then I probably would be slamming myself for not getting what needed to be done done. Which makes me glad this is Week 7 and not Week 1.

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Goals definitely need to be revised, so here goes...
Writing Challenge Week 8 To Do List:

  1. Finish clean rough draft of Rogue Master:
    • edit at least 5 pages of manuscript each night - except Wednesday or
    • edit at least 2 scenes each night - except Wednesday or
    • Spend at least 1.5 hours working on editing the manuscript each night - except Wednesday
    • Spend at least 3 hours working on editing/transcribing the manuscript on Saturday and Sunday
  2. Post 2 blogs during the week:
    • 1 post will be Weekly Challenge Analysis
    • 1 post on any other writing or reading related information
  3. Spend 3 hours in the week to build projects to be worked on by:
    • Reading through old scenes to find usable ones or
    • Creating rough outlines for stories or
    • Creating a rough series outline for series stories in development or needing completion
That doesn't seem like to heavy a burden. Considering I did get both blog posts up last week, and I spent every night editing, even if I didn't reach the 20 page or 3 hours a night goals, I still spent a good amount of time writing.

Even better, I didn't put writing off. The goal of the challenge was to make writing a habit and I believe it is slowly becoming a daily habit for me.

Until later,
Have a great week!

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