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      Business English is mainly about direct communication between people or reading business documents, so we pay great attention to the application of English. What are the learning skills of business English shared by European and American foreign teachers?


      1. Most words are based on phonetic symbols. Reading them out loud and repeating them several times is conducive to brain memory.


      2. You can buy an English word card and recite it repeatedly to improve your vocabulary. You can also translate some foreign articles or news to improve your ability. It can also be of great help in reading business documents in the future.


      3. It's no use memorizing words to describe an event or object in English. We must say and apply them. Just like Chinese, a sub word or idiom can be understood as many meanings, and English is the same. A word or sentence will express different meanings on different occasions, which we need to learn and practice.


      4. You can buy some English books or story books to improve your English reading ability and understand the local cultural background.