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      Many training institutions have launched online courses. European and American foreign teachers tell you how to choose online learning English?


      (1) Choose a regular licensed online English teaching institution


      It is suggested that the public should choose a formal educational institution to bring targeted guidance to English students. New brain education has set up courses for English learning at each stage, which can suit the remedy to the case according to the students' different English levels, so as to easily lay a good foundation for English students. Online English learning brings rich learning resources to English students through the network, which has incomparable advantages for students to learn English. There are too many online English education institutions. Which one is better to learn English online.


      (2) Choose an online English learning institution with free test to quantify English level


      For English teaching, testing is particularly important. If you don't know the level of English students, you can't do layered teaching. The evaluation method and content can also see whether the teaching work of the institution is rigorous and whether the English ability concerned is comprehensive. Is there any multimedia? Does the lesson plan have excellent aesthetics? If the teacher is excellent, he will not rely on the courseware. Every family has too much trouble, and too many trial classes will kill everyone's interest in learning English. However, good quality courseware and standardized and effective links will reduce the burden of teachers to a great extent.


      (3) Choose an online English learning institution with strict teaching process management


      Teaching is a craft that requires experience, skill and enthusiasm. Online training institutions also have customer service and Chinese education consultants. Customer service is responsible for organizing classes, adjusting classes and continuing classes; Good teachers, in addition to completing the teaching task of a class, Chinese education consultants are responsible for providing class consultation, class management and communication with teachers. They will pay attention to the growth of students and adjust teaching according to the situation. Good teachers will also pay attention to the interaction between students and really use language.


      (4) Choose a transparent teaching mode that is easy to supervise, and learn English online


      Online learning can meet parents' spare efforts to supervise the course; The teaching content is wonderful and attractive; It is completely feasible to control the teaching time under the premise of science and rationality, and it is even better than offline courses in some cases. English learning is carried out at home, so parents can see the whole process of their children's learning and know the whole teaching process and their children's learning at a glance.