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      In recent years, the use of foreign teachers' teaching methods has made fruitful attempts to improve oral English teaching. That is, foreign teachers use authentic and pure English to communicate with students. Teaching English in English is of great significance. It can be said that it is the key to the success or failure of English teaching. For the English Teaching in China, the following items are listed:


      1、 Lack of necessary language environment. Chinese students learn English in the environment of Chinese single language. In addition to a limited number of extracurricular classes every week, they rarely have the opportunity to contact English. The listening and speaking training of students in class is also difficult to be reviewed and consolidated outside class. Such English language environment has seriously affected the development of students' listening and speaking ability.


      2、 Teachers' oral English is low. At present, many English teachers have low oral English level, inaccurate pronunciation and intonation, and can not teach in English fluently, which is very unfavorable to cultivating students' listening and speaking ability.


      3、 There are too many students in the class. Cultivating listening and speaking ability must be through a lot of repeated practice, and each student should have enough opportunities to practice listening and speaking. The vast majority of middle schools in China have large class capacity, generally about 60-70 people. If there are too many classes, it is difficult to organize effective oral training activities, so that students have less opportunities to practice, and it is naturally difficult to improve their oral ability.


      4、 There are too few opportunities to listen to English. The ability to speak English must be based on a large number of listening practice. However, due to the low oral level of teachers and poor audio-visual teaching materials, equipment and materials, Chinese students have less opportunities to listen to English, which directly affects the training of speaking.


      5、 The impact of psychological disorders. Because the basic English skills are not solid enough, such as the pronunciation and intonation are not correct and standardized, the vocabulary, sentence pattern and grammar training are not enough, and the basic skills such as reading and recitation are not ready. Students are prone to embarrassment, resulting in psychological obstacles. They are afraid of saying wrong, saying bad, being ridiculed and criticized. Therefore, it is difficult for students to speak and coherent narration. The more afraid they are, the less they dare to say, and the less they say, the less they will say, resulting in a vicious circle. In the long run, our oral English teaching has fallen into a "strange circle", and the overall efficiency of foreign language teaching is not high; After ten years of English study in middle school and University, most graduates still do not have effective foreign language communication skills and can not meet the needs of China's economic and social development.

      传统的英语教学模式已受到了时代发展的强烈挑战。如何寻求英语口语教学的新途径,以期更快更好地培养出高素质的英语人才,已成为中小学英语教学值得思考与探索的问题。 而外教课堂坚持用英语教英语,使学生的口语学习获得事半功倍的效果。

      The traditional English teaching model has been strongly challenged by the development of the times. How to find a new way of oral English Teaching in order to cultivate high-quality English talents faster and better has become a problem worthy of thinking and exploration in English Teaching in primary and secondary schools. Foreign teachers insist on teaching English in English, so that students' oral learning can get twice the result with half the effort.