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      It's not easy to speak spoken English skillfully. What should we pay attention to when European and American foreign teachers take you to understand spoken English?


      To learn oral English, we must first understand that English is a language that needs communication and acquisition and mastery in the long process of speaking. Therefore, we need to speak more and read more. It is necessary to read in the morning and practice in the evening. However, reading in the morning and practice in the evening is not to spend a clock reading according to the English book, but to read carefully on the basis of extensive reading to understand the usage of each word and strange words, Spelling.


      This is also a stupid way to master the usage of a word, but words can only be remembered by slowly accumulating and strengthening repeated memory, and they will also be forgotten if they are remembered only. Therefore, in addition to reading words, we should also practice the environment of words in oral English learning.


      Oral English should have a certain knowledge of grammar


      Although oral English does not need to have such high requirements for grammar as written English, it does not mean that oral English does not pay attention to grammar. When improving oral English, we can consciously remember the use of grammar, combine vocabulary, make sentences and repeat reading, so that oral expression will be richer and more accurate, but many slang, idioms and grammar have nothing to do with it, It's just idioms. You can use grammar in oral English with a clear aim. You don't have to be too rigid.


      Oral English learning should be understood before expression


      For English learners, a large part of their poor oral English is due to listening problems. They simply can't understand what the other party is saying. If they don't understand what the listening materials say, it's difficult to understand and use their existing English knowledge to express it. This is why it is always awkward to communicate face to face with foreigners.


      Only when you understand, can you express and improve your expression. So how can you understand English? This and oral English need to be step by step. Children's shoes with poor English foundation can regard themselves as toddlers, start listening from fairy tale books, story books, animation and special English, and then rise to simple English daily listening, The last is news English and literary English.